Lama Tsering – May, 2017

Impermanence Meditation: The Path to Enlightenment

Change is continuous. Day by day, one season slips into the next. Day turns into night and night to day. Buildings don’t suddenly grow old; rather, second by second, from the moment they’re constructed, they begin to deteriorate… Whatever comes together must fall apart, whatever was born must die. Continual change, relentless change, is constant in our world. ~ Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

One of the best methods for developing pure spiritual practice is to meditate continually on impermanence. Continual and relentless change is a constant in our world. As our contemplation of this truth matures, we move from a mere intellectual understanding of impermanence to the realization that everything we believe to be real is just like a dream.

Lama Tsering Everest will teach and guide meditations on Impermanence: The Path to Enlightenment.
The first teaching will be on Friday May 26th at 7pm, on a talk that will be open to the public. During the weekend, teachings will go from 9 to 5, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th.

About Lama Tsering Everest

Born in the US, Lama Tsering served as H.E.Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche’s translator for m
ore than 11 years. After completing a three year retreat in 1995, she was ordained as a lama and recognized by Rinpoche as a holder of the Red Tara lineage, authorized to give teachings and empowerments. That same year she was invited to teach in Brazil; based on the enthusiasm and interest encountered there, she became a permanent resident.

Her warm and humorous manner of teaching reflects her own teacher’s style, with a focus on cultivating compassion, training the mind, and applying the dharma in a practical way. She teaches and conducts retreats in many cities across Brazil, Chile, New Zealand and Australia as well as returning every year to fulfill the requests of her students in North America.

Lama Tsering is the resident lama and director of Chagdud Gonpa Odsal Ling in São Paulo and currently resides at the Odsal Ling temple in Cotia along with her husband Lama Padma Norbu.