Dawn of Dharma with Tulku Migmar Tsering – July 2018

Dawn of Dharma is an experiential and practical presentation of key points of the Buddha’s teachings. Phakchok Rinpoche conceived of this program as he saw the need for both new and seasoned practitioners alike to lay a proper foundation of knowledge, practice and experience.

Rinpoche requests that all students under his guidance attend this program one time in full, either by attending the complete program at a center or Dharma-stream Group, or by attending a Dawn of Dharma retreat. Once a student has completed a Dawn of Dharma course it will be more meaningful to continue practice through either the Path of Meditation, Mahāmudrā and/or the Nine Yānas courses.

This program is open for everyone and it gives the opportunity for newcomers to learn meditation and have an introduction to the teachings of the Buddha. 

Teachings will be given by Tulku Migmar Tsering.

The Dawn of Dharma – Introduction to Meditation Retreat will begin on Tuesday 10th at 4pm and end on Thursday 12th at 4pm.